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    Tool to feed your pet

    Lord Commandant
    Lord Commandant

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    Tool to feed your pet Empty Tool to feed your pet

    Message par Sparko Jeu 18 Oct - 20:54


    I just finished my new tool computing the cheapest ressource to buy in order to exp your pet!

    You can download it here:

    Hope this help you, if you have any comment feel free to answer this thread!

    Sincerely yours, Sparko

    Here is a small tutoriel (also present in the file):
    Hello, welcome to my sheet to compute the lowest way to exp your pets! Once you’ve read this you
    can drag the photo on the right to have it in case, please find a small tutorial:
    1. In order to be realistic, you need to fill up the sheet with the actual prices and that as often as
    possible but I think once a week is enough.
    Note: If there is no price just delete the content of the cell to avoid having a lot of 0.

    2. Fill the sheet with the exp of your pet, the level you target and the characteristics of the pet
    when lvl 100.

    3. Choose your display setting by putting 0 or 1 in the right cells.

    4. (Optionnal) You can estimate the value of a croquette by entering the exp it gives.

    5. (Optionnel) To add new ressources you just have to fill up the name and the price, then change
    of sheet to programmer sheet and enter the coefficient.

    Hope this tool helps, you can donate if you want!
    Sincerely yours, Sparko
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